1. Its name originates from Captain Edward Sackville, 4th Earl of Dorset
  2. Edward Sackville lived for only three years in the street
  3. Famous Physician Dr John Snow occupied 18 Sackville Street from 1853-1858
  4. It’s the longest street in Mayfair without any side turnings
  5. The street originally did not
    have lampposts, just lights
    from sides of buildings
  6. No.29 Sackville Street has a ceiling still on the first floor by architect, and interior and furniture designer Robert Adam
  7. Sackville Street is mentioned in Jane Austen’s novel ‘Sense & Sensibility’, chapter 33*
  8. It is quoted in Anthony Powell’s book ‘The Military Philosophers’
  1. Notable English architect Robert Richardson Banks had a partnership based in Sackville Street
  2. It’s a famous tailoring street
  3. Royal appointed tailors ‘Meyer & Mortimer’ have their HQ at No. 6
  4. It’s home to Sotheran’s, the longest established antiquarian booksellers in the world
  5. Winston Churchill’s famous Siren suits were fitted in Austin Reed’s flagship store, which backs onto Sackville Street
  6. No. 35 is home to 300 year-old fashion house, Dormeuil, famous for developing the first-ever sports fabric in 1923
  7. Tom Gilbey, famous designer to the stars, including the Beatles, rocked the world when he opened his couture and fashion house in Sackville Street

*We found this copy of ‘Sense & Sensibility’ in Sotheran’s antiquarian book shop, 2-5 Sackville Street.